Latest Google Sheet Updates

Here is a quick update on some of the Google Sheet additions over the past couple days. Some of these items are new, some have changed status, some are still in testing (TBD).

  1. Anker PowerDrive 2 Рpreviously recommended as a 2.4A (max) car charger but changed to TBD because Anker PowerIQ may throttle back the power and not deliver a full 2.4A for quick charging.
  2. iKNOWTECH KiDiGi Dock – tested using proper methods, not approved
  3. GMYLE AC Charger – USB A and USB C charger will provide 2.1A (max) charging
  4. New Orzly Cables – the old Orzly 4-pack was not approved. The new cables are still TBD but indications look good that these are using proper pullup resistor now. Stay tuned for updates on this TBD product.
  5. Cambond USB A to C cable – new cable options from Cambond are approved!


Latest Google Sheet Updates

Car Chargers in Testing!

Benson Leung has started testing some car chargers. I am sure you have seen products on Amazon that look similar to what Benson is testing.

I will be sure to update the blog and Google Sheet as soon as updates are available on USB Type C car chargers! Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

NOTE: these car chargers are still in testing and listed on the Google Sheet as TBD!


Car Chargers in Testing!