Choetech USB Type C Products Review

Choetech was kind enough to provide me with these review items at a reduced cost in return for my honest review… and I am sure glad that I am able to take a look at these products!

First of all, the cables have good build quality with nice connectors and tight fit into the device. The length of these cables is 1m and the USB A to USB-C cable is approved via CheckR. This means that it follows proper USB Type C Spec (1.1) and will charge at a max of 2.4A over a USB A charger.

The USB C-C cable is well-built and supports 5V/3A fast charging. The best part is that the Choetech AC charger is great quality and supports 5V/3A charging over USB Type C. In fact, USB Type C is the only output on this charger!

Take a look at the photos below and head on over to Amazon to purchase these quality products (links below).

  1. USB A to C cable
  2. USB C to C cable
  3. USB Type C AC Charger

There are all sorts of options for cable lengths (.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m). Take a look and enjoy!

Choetech USB Type C Products Review

One thought on “Choetech USB Type C Products Review

  1. Tang says:

    The CHOETECH USB TYPE C PRODUCTS REVIEW was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted a 6 foot C to C to replace the shorter one I got from google – Life is Good! I know you have heard this more than once – but THANK YOU for doing what work you have on this.
    “With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility” – and this, would be relating to you.


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