Cable Matters: Now Approved

The Benson Leung stamp of approval has been granted to Cable Matters. Some of you may be confused because the Cable Matters USB 3.1 Type C cable was originally out of spec and rated poorly by Benson Leung. Kudos to Cable Matters for taking the USB Type C Specification seriously and revising their product.

The following Cable Matters products are now approved by Benson and have been added to the Google Sheet.

Other Enhancements to the Google Sheet (from 11/19 and 11/20)

Cable Matters: Now Approved

8 thoughts on “Cable Matters: Now Approved

    1. LarryG says:

      On the US Amazon site?

      From the links on current numbers 27 & 28 on the chart spreadsheet, I can only find the 3.3ft cable for $9.99..

      If I select the 6.6ft option, it selects a usb-c to micro-b cable


      1. Sorry, I was looking at the USB A to C cables… not the USB C to C cables.

        This post was specifically about the USB A to C cables being reviewed by Benson and now being “approved”. Thanks.


      2. LarryG says:

        Well the cables listed on the chart are the C to C cables, so it’d be better if you just linked the link instead of the Amazon links..

        Just trying to help you have correct / up-to-date info on the chart..

        Thanks, the chart is a helpful resource.


  1. That is incorrect. The Google Sheet is sorted by Approved, Product, Type, Brand.

    The Cable Matters A to C are grouped near the top (lines 7-9) and the C to C are grouped lower (28,29).



    1. LarryG says:

      I were just merely using this post as as way to contact you (the guy running the chart?) suggesting that numbers 28 & 29 needed correction on the chart..

      I didn’t even look at the C to A versions on the chart..


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