So, what about short USB A-C cables?

There seems to be plenty of 1m and 2m cables available on the market but what about those short 1 footers (or less) for use with a power bank or connecting to a PC for data transfer?

There are a couple approved options on my Google Sheet, which I have listed below:

  1. iOrange-E – 1ft USB A to C ($12.99)
  2. Cambond – 1ft USB A to C ($11.99)

As always, let me know what you guys think of these products!

So, what about short USB A-C cables?

2 thoughts on “So, what about short USB A-C cables?

  1. Walt Hobbs says:

    I have a desktop charger that I have on order for my 6P & it is scheduled to arrive soon. It is on the google sheet as to be determined. Can you comment? A couple of reviews on Amazon say the a-c cable is not compliant. Can it hurt my phone if I used it for overnight charging? KiDiGi Omni Charger Charging Sync Cradle Desktop Dock Station sold by IKNOWTECH.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Walt Hobbs


    1. Walt, thanks for your comment. This item is listed as TBD because I have no idea if the docking station is up to spec. I do not own one and have no way to test this device. I believe it plugs directly to a wall charger so you cannot connect to USB on a PC for CheckR app or ADB methods. The only other way would be using a multimeter and taking the product apart to test the pullup resistor inside.


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