Spreadsheet Enhancement!

The Google Spreadsheet has been enhanced! Additional products are now included on the sheet:

  • Nexus 6P Cases
  • Nexus 6P Screen Protectors
  • Nexus 6P Skins
  • Nexus 5X Cases
  • Nexus 5X Screen Protectors
  • Nexus 5X Skins

A web version of the spreadsheet is available below. More comments and discussion also on reddit. Thanks everyone!

Spreadsheet Enhancement!

6 thoughts on “Spreadsheet Enhancement!

    1. Using something like the Anker car charger with an approved USB A to USB-C cable would work just fine. This would charge at a max of 2.4A (still will show quick charge).

      None of the existing car chargers will charge at a full 3A. I am waiting on a USB-C to USB-C car charger for full quick charge speed.


    2. Sorting filters are enabled but Google goes into a “List View” if there are over 50 active viewers.

      If you can see the menu bar and controls then you can use a filter (under the data menu).


  1. Schorschi says:

    You may want to add ZAGG’s InvisibleShield to your Google Sheet’s “N5X Screen Protectors” tab. Both the “Glass” and “High Definition” variant are available from them for the N5X. See http://www.zagg.com/us/en_us/catalogsearch/result/?q=nexus+5x.

    I got a “HIgh Definition” shield installed a couple of weeks ago at a Zagg Mall kiosk in Florida before the product even showed on their web site. They cut raw shields to spec on site.


  2. Garrett says:

    I am curious in regards to glass screen protectors. The drive doc has a tab for these with ratings, but I can’t find the reviews. I purchased a Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector for my Nexus 6P, cleaned screen in a clean room, wore gloves and installed once (set it down and let it adhere on the first try). But the bottom right corner and the inside corner by the proximity sensor cutout (inside the “L” corner), the screen protector won’t stick. No matter how hard or how long I press it down, it lifts back up. Are these glass screen protectors hit or miss in regards to this lift up, or is there something in the design of the Nexus 6p that prevents the protectors from adhering in this corner (as it’s the common location to experience lift up). Thanks!


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